RWG Web Solutions is focused on web design, web development and supplementary services.

As of 2017, we will be narrowing our focus to website projects and hourly web support / consulting.

Web Design and Development

Each of our website projects undergoes a predictable development process. As creators, our process is similar to that you might see in the construction or software industry. The process involves recurring client meetings/presentations, discussion of progress, showing design ideas, live client feedback, and working with your IT staff to implement the new website. We are professionals at what we do and our process is a testament to it.

Consulting and Support Services

Consulting and Support services are available for clients with existing websites who need technical support or need assistance from professionals. These services are typically shorter in nature, billed hourly, and save a lot of time for our clients by not doing it themselves.


  • Website fixes
  • ADA Compliance / WCAG
  • Updating website content or images
  • Installing Google Analytics tracker
  • Implementing Facebook, Mailchimp, or other 3rd party services