About RWG Web Solutions

Company History

RWG Web Solutions LLC (RWG) is a web consulting and web design company located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Founder, Ron L, learned HTML, server-side languages, and programming during high school courses. After completing business school and spending several years working abroad, he returned to Hawaii to work independently building websites and learning about different facets of the internet (SEO, security, DNS, databases, Wordpress). He eventually expanded his array of services and started RWG.

Mission Statement

The goal of RWG is to provide web-based solutions to help companies manage their online presence. RWG combines technical skill and planning to deliver suitable solutions for clients.

RWG believes in professionalism and communication. Both characteristics are quintessential components of doing business properly and no amount of talent or expertise will ever absolve a person of the need to carry those two characteristics.

Work Philosophy

The most important principle of business is reciprocity.

Confucius, the philosopher responsible for the foundation of East Asian societal values, believed in reciprocity. His belief system revolved around 仁 ren, (translation: “benevolence”). He believed each person has a duty of respect to another person.

So what does Confucianism have to do with business?

Outside of personal relationships, “benevolence” is still prevalent in professional and business relationships. Every client deserves professionalism, honesty, and accountability from companies they do business with. And clients meanwhile, should provide understanding, cooperation, and fair compensation for those efforts. If these reciprocal duties are met, then they aid in creating what we all desire: a harmonious society.